Slangerup SEMI 1

Christian Thaysen
Jonas Seifert Salk
Emil Engstrøm
Emil Pørtner

Vojens SEMI 2

Tim Sørensen
Michael Thyme
Matias Nielsen
Lasse Frederiksen

Fjeldsted SEMI 3

Tobias V. Thomsen
Lasse Pørtner
Jannik Sørensen
Anders Jensen

The 4 Wildcards

Martin S. Hansen
Sam Jensen
Mark Beyer
Maja Aamand


Nr. 17 Jonas Knudsen
Nr. 18 Nick Agertoft

Results SEMI 3 500cc Fjeldsted 13-06-18


Then the semi 3 for 500cc was settled on Wednesday in Fjeldsted. The weather was excellent and the drivers were ready. The match went well and 4 more drivers were found for the big finals after the summer break.

Thanks to the club and the volunteers in Fjeldsted.

Remember to keep an eye on the website - The names of the drivers and the wildcards will be announced soon.


See the result here

Results SEMI 2 500cc Vojens 27-05-18


Then the second 500cc semi final was held. All the young drivers were excited about today's race. The weather was nice and the race was completed in great style. Big congratulations to the winner: Tim Sørensen, No. 2 Mathias Nielsen, No. 3 Michael Thyme, and 4th place Lasse Frederiksen.

A big thanks to Vojens for a super race and thanks to the volunteers.

Thanks to all sponsors.

See the result here

Results SEMI 1 500cc Slangerup 6-05-18


The first 500cc semi-final was held and what a race. All the young drivers showed great talent and gave the spectators a lot of heats with excitement and speed. With high sunshine and 24 degrees the day became even better! Congratulations to: Christian Thaysen and 2nd, 3rd and 4th place: Jonas Seifert Salk, Emil Engstrøm, Emil Pørtner.

A big thank you to Slangerup, and the volunteers for the effort.

Also thanks to the sponsors.


See the result here

Results Gr A+B 85cc Vojens 13-04-18


The first race of Fritte Cup 2018 season was truly a way to start the season! The young drivers were ready and showed amazing talent. It was a nice spring evening where the you talent showed sportmanship and fairplay and we at Fritte Cup are very much looking forward to following their development. 

A great thank to the sponsors: KLS, R. Frimodt Pedersen A/S, Philips, BR TRADING, og  DAVID SUPER-LIGHT A/S




See the result here

Løbskalender 2018


Spring is almost here and the speedway season is fast approaching. Therefore, we are ready to share the racecalender with you all. So make a mark in your calender and come support the young speedway talents. We look forward to seeing you all! 


See more details on races

Result Finale 2 500 cc Esbjerg 30-9-2017


The second Finale of Fritte Cup 2017 was a great race. You could see different developments in the riders and their bikes from the first finale to the second, this was also something which affected the final scores. 


The prizes very increadible for all the riders, but especialy for the fourth place Sam Jensen, third place Jason Jørgensen, second place Kasper Andersen and first place Tim Sørensen. 

We would like to give out a great big thanks to our sponsers and volunteers who made this race and season happen! 


See result Finale 2

Result Finale 1 500 cc Esbjerg 29-9-2017


The first Finale of Fritte Cup 2017 has now ended with some great racing. Unfortunately we experienced a crash, but we are all sending warm thoughts towards Christian Thaysen and a wish for him to recover quickly. 

We congrateulate the winner Tim Sørensen, second place Kenni Nissen, third place Jason Jørgensen and also fourth place Mark Beyer. We would also like to wish all the riders good luck with the Finale 2 tomorrow. 

A great thanks goes to all the volunteers and the sponsors who are making these finals exceptionally special. 



See result Finale 1

Cancellation of 3 team match 30-9-2017


Because of the uncertain weather forecast for tomorrow morning til midday we have been compelled to cancel the 3 team match for 85cc. However, we are still in the belief that the afternoon will be dry, and the Fritte Cup Finale 2 for 500cc will still be on schedule. 


Fritte Cup SEMI 3 500 cc 23-6-2017


The third and last semi final of Fritte Cup was an amazing race! The weather was fine with only a few drops of rain, luckily these did not stop the driver from giving it their all. The talentet driver og the great conditions in Esbjerg resulted in no crashes, but instead a lot on trilling heats, many overtakings, and great speed in the bikes. 

I the finale we experienced an outstanding start from Kenni Nissen who also took home the first place. The battle of the second place was close, Patrick Hansen got a bit extra speed in the end and overtook Jonas Jensen i the last second, even after Jonas Jensen had dominated this position during most of the heat. Instead Jonas Jensen ended up in third place. In fourth we had Christian Thaysen, who had made 4 heat wins during the evening. 

We would like to give a great thanks to Esbjerg and all the volunteers for the wonderful sorroundings and an amazinly hosted race. Another thank you should sound to the sponsors: SKF, David Super-Light, Castrol and Munkedal.



See result Semi 3

Fritte Cup SEMI 2 500 cc 14-6-2017


Frittecup SEMI 2 in Grindsted was a really great race, despite the fact that it was a bit prolonged due to some unfortunate crashes. We hope to see a good recovery of both Jason Jørgensen with his knee and Sebastian Mortensen who injured both leg and wrist.

The race finished with an impressive victory to Peter Karger! Just behind him and in 2nd place we had Sam Jensen, who we would like to also congratulate on acing his test for completed apprenticeship. Furthermore, we would like to congratulate our 3rd place Lasse Frederiksen and 4th place Dominik Möser with their spots in the Frittecup Finale.

Lastly, but loudly, we would like to give a great thank you to Grindsted and all our volunteers. Frittecup would not be possible without all the energy you provide. Also, a huge thank you to our sponsers SKF, David Super-Light, Castrol and Munkedal.


See result Semi 2

Cancelled: Fritte Cup 500 cc SEMI 3 9-6-2017


Fritte Cup SEMI 3 in Esbjerg has unfortunately been cancelled due to the weather. Sometimes rubber boots and an umbrella just isn't enough. 

But keep yourself updated here on the website, or follow our facebook site:, where we will update you with a new race date as soon as possible. 


Fritte Cup 500 cc SEMI 1 21-5-2017


Fritte Cup Semi 1 in Grindsted was as expected a really close and brilliant meeting. There where many very hard hearts where nobody wanted to give up, but after a super run final it was a flying Tim Sørensen that could stand on top on the podium, close runner up Martin Steen Hansen and Emil Engstrøm third, fourth was Jonas Seifert. :-) 

The Fritte Cup team would like to thank all the sponsors and the hard working vounteers from Grindsted Speedway Club for a perfekt run meeting.


Se result Semi 1

Fritte Cup 85 cc Gr. C 18-5-2017


Fritte Cup in Skærbæk Group went well. The weather was good. The meeting was a bit different. Instead off one Final there were four Finals (Final A, Final B, Final C og Final D.)

The Fritte Cup team would like to thanks Skærbæk speedway clubs  frivillige.

A big thanks too our sponsors R. Frimodt Pedersen, Daytona, Ulvedal, KLS, David Super-Light, BR Trading.

Se result Group C


1. Jesper Knudsen
2. Victor Nielsen
3. Casper Nielsen
4. Christian Jervelund


1. Oliver Klockmann
2. Rasmus Andersen
3. Mikkel Roth
4. Bastian Pedersen


1. Noah Moos
2. Victor Rask Sundbøl
3. Vilads Nagel
4. Niklas Holm Jakobsen


1. Andreas Olsen
2. Lucas Andersen
3. Mingus Schaldemose
4. Marcus Justin Mandix

Fritte Cup 85 cc Gr. B + Gr. A 30-4-2017


The first Fritte Cup race of 2017 is completed. The weather was nice with lots of sunshine and the course was great. The first race was Group B where the final was won by Tristian Bostrup, followed by Malthe Vedel, Bastian Pedersen and last man Victor Nielsen. See the rest of the results in the link below.

Se result Group B

The next race was Group A. It was also a nice race still with sunshine and a good course. The final was won by Marcus Birkemose, Jonas Knudsen, Esben Hjerrild and the last man Frederik Kristiansen.

A GREAT THANKS to our sponsors KLS racing, Philips, David Super-Light, BR trading and Daytona.

Thanks to Vissenbjerg and all the volunteers.

Next race is 85 cc Group C the 18-5-2017 in Skærbæk.

Se result Group A

Calender 2017


The Fritte Cup calender is now ready. See the meetings HERE (only danish)

Merry christmas and happy new year


Next year's race is now in the process of being planned. The Fritte Cup team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Fritte Cup OPEN 500 cc in Esbjerg


A nice September day Fritte Cup OPEN in Esbjerg was settled. The weather was good - it was raining after the meeting so the prizes where given in front off the cafeteria.

Congratulations to Kasper Andersen, Tim Sørensen, Peter Karger and Mark Beyer.

Again many many big prizes where given to the boys to Fritte Cup OPEN.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all sponsors and clubs / volunteers for the big support.

We look forward to the 2017 season. See you guys.

Find the result here

Fritte Cup OPEN 500 cc in Holsted


Wednesday 21-9-2016 Fritte Cup OPEN in Holsted was settled. It was a beatutiful Setember day where the boys were allowed to drive on a nice course. (Pictures from the meeting is on Facebook)

Congrats to the boys.

No 1  Lasse Frederiksen
No 2 Kasper Andersen
No 3 Martin Steen Hansen 
No 4 Tim Sorensen

Remeber the last meeting this year in the Fritte Cup serie is Friday 30-9-2016 in Esbjerg. See the program HERE.

Find the result here

The star off the year 85 cc and 500 cc

The star off the year 85 cc

This year's star 85 cc was Benjamin Basso. Benjamin got a throttle sponsored by JOKER. The Fritte Cup team wishes him congratulations.

The star off the year 500 cc

This year's 500 cc star was Frederik Jakobsen. Frederik also got a throttle sponsored by JOKER. The Fritte Cup team also wishes congratulations.

Fritte Cup result team match 85 cc and Final 2 500 cc Esbjerg


Sunday 11-9-2016 we started the day at 9 am where the three team leaders had to choose 7 riders for their team. 6 riders for the ordinary and 1 reserve. The reserve could be deployed tactically and should run minimum 4 heats and maximum 6 heats. The first start was at 10:00 am. Points were awarded as follows 4,3,2,0. There was a good atmosphere in the paddock and the weather was super.

The three teams were very equal throughout the meeting. Peder / Andreas' team won with 82 points, then it was Tom Paarup Madsen's team with 81 points and finally Mark Frimodt Pedersen's team with 80 points. The prizes ceremony took place next to the large 500 cc track.

Find the result from the team match here


  1. Nick Agertoft
  2. Esben Hjerrild
  3. Nicklas H. Jacobsen
  4. Melf Ketelsen
  5. Jesper Knudsen
  6. Mikkel Roth
  7. Magnus Kiel Jensen (Reserve)

Tom Paarup Madsen

1. Magnus Birkemose
2. Casper Nielsen
3. Jonas Knudsen
4. Frederik Junker
5. Rasmus Andersen
6. Victor Nielsen
7. Norrick Blödorn (Reserve)

Mark Frimodt

1. Benjamin Basso
2. Patrick Skaarup
3. Peter Clement
4. Noah Moos
5. Mikkel Olesen
6. Noah Nielsen
7. Hjalte Nygaard (Reserve)

At 2 am the 500 cc Final 2 started with presentation of the riders. The weather was fantastic and the track looked good. MARC RANDRUP could not attend because he was injured and MICHAEL THYME got his chance instead. The boys came out in their first race and they all fought for the point right from the start! Unfortunately we had a few crashes along the way. JASON JORGENSEN was picked up by ambulance and was diagnosed with concussion. Bad luck because he had max points in Finale 1 Friday. It gave MARK BEYER a chance and he raced 3 heats. The riders in the Last Chance final was JONAS SEIFERT-SALK (red), SEBASTIAN MORTENSEN (blue), JASON JORGENSEN (white) - did not come to start, TIM SØRENSEN (yellow). The winner was JONAS and second TIM, which should join the final heat together with JONAS JEPPESEN and KENNI NISSEN. The last two got straight to the final because the had most points in the regular heat. (Remember you can watch the video "Last Chance" + "Final Heat" and see pictures on Facebook)

The Final heat was super exciting, JONAS JEPPESEN led all laps. KENNI NISSEN tried to pass JONAS in the last corner but crashed.

Get well to JASON and MARC and said a thousand thousand thank you to Esbjerg motorclub and volunteer for the arrangement and to the sponsors and the many attendees.

Find the result from Final 2 here


  1. Jonas Jeppesen
  2. Jonas Seifert-Salk
  3. Tim Sørensen
  4. Kenni Nissen
  5. Sebastian Mortensen

6. Jason Jørgensen
7. Martin Steen Hansen
8. Jakob Bukhave
9. Emil Engstrøm
10. Kasper Andersen
11. Christian Thaysen

12. Glenn Moi
13. Mathias Nielsen
14. Tobias Thomsen
15. Emil Pørtner
16. Mark Beyer
17. Michael Thyme

Fritte Cup result Final 1 in Holsted


Then we got Fritte Cup 500 cc Finale 1 held in Holsted. They were an afternoon / evening with sunshine. The boys were excited before the start. The boys had to draw starting number for FINALE 2 which will be hold on Sunday in Esbjerg. There was a REALLY GOOD atmosphere and the race was extremely close. Super super exciting race where the final was won by Jason Jorgensen (1), then Jonas Jeppesen (2), and Kenni Nissen (3) finally Martin Steen Hansen (4).

Many audience. Big thanks to Holsted and all the volunteers.

Next time on Sunday where the big 500 cc FINALE 2 in Esbjerg will be held. Find the program during HERE.

Find the result from Final 1 here

Ridder names for the 500 cc Finals and 3-Team-Match





The teamleaders:
- Mark Frimodt
- Tom Paarup Madsen
- Peder Christensen / Andreas Christensen


REGISTRATION MUST BE MADE NO LATER THAN SUNDAG 4-9-2016 by mail write name and how many people. Price DKK: 80,- per envelope. Chrildren under 12 years: DKK: 50,-

Fritte Cup 500 cc Semi 4 24th of AUGUST 2016 in Grindsted

AUGUST 24th, 2016

So was the 4 and last Semi settled. The track was really god and the weather was fantastic. Finally we got a little summer in Denmark.

The result was:

1. Jakob Bukhave
2. Emil Pørtner
3. Jonas Seifert-Salk
4. Martin Steen Hansen

Thank you to Grindsted Speedwayclub and the volunteers.

All the 12 riders are soon ready for the finals, so keep an eye on the website.

See the result here

Fritte Cup 500 cc Semi 3 16th of AUGUST 2016 in Grindsted

AUGUST 16th, 2016

Thuesday 16-8-2016 Semi 3 of Fritte Cup 2016 was settled in Grindsted at Kjærgård Arena.

The sun was shining so the weather was perfekt. The track that had a fair bit off dirt on, gave the riders a hard time, but after all had raced their first heat, the riders really give us something super speedway. It was a tough field and there were many close heats, but eventually it was Jason Jorgensen who took victory in the final. He was also the top score within the final. Number 2 in the final was Tim Sorensen. Number 3 and last man advanced to Fritte Cup Final 1 and 2 was Kasper Andersen. Last in the field was Mark Randrup.

Fritte Cup would like to say a big thank you to Grindsted Speedwayclub and their help for a super meeting.

See pictures from the meeting HERE

See the result here

Fritte Cup 500 cc OPEN 14th of JUNE 2016

JUNE 14th, 2016

Tuesday 14-6-2016 Fritte Cup OPEN i Grindsted.

The weather was nice and the boys were fighting for the points. The track was good and the meeting went well.

The result:

1. Lasse Frederiksen
2. Kasper Andersen
3. Emil Engstrøm
4. Patrick Bjerregaard

Thanks to Grindsted and the volunteers.

See the rest of the result here

Fritte Cup 85 cc Group A+B 12th of JUNE 2016

June 12th, 2016

Fritte Cup Gr. A+B 85cc in Holstebro

On Sunday the 12-6-2016 The Fritte Cup Gr. A+B 85 cc was held. The weather was great, and the boys were keen on doing their best. It was a wonderful day with a lot of good results and exiting heats. The track was good, and it gave the boys a lot of  opportunities to try out different lines. The winner of the final was Nick Agertoft, Marcus Birkemose came in second, Jonas Knudsen third and Marius Nielsen was fourth.

We – the Fritte Cup Team would like to thank all the riders, their parents, the club and helpers for a great meeting!

Also we want to give our good luck to everyone in the next championship-race held in Kumla-Sweden Y.G.T as in the European Championship in Vissenbjerg.  

See the result here

Fritte Cup 500 cc SEMI 3 12th of JUNE 2016

June 12th, 2016

After the 85 cc – we did the semifinal number 3 for the 500 cc section. Everything was ready before the start. Unfortunately, the track was  dry, and they didn’t manage to water it enough. Therefor the track was slippery, and the riders couldn’t control their bikes. This caused some crashes, and after the second crash in heat number 3, the referee decided to stop the meeting. The rider Lasse Frederiksen ran into a hole, which basically was made of cement! The referee stopped the meeting because the track wasn’t fixable. We used 1.5 hour on 3 heats, and that is just not good enough!

Tired and exhausted we drove home, and unfortunately not with a good experience in our bags. A lot of people showed up to witness this meeting, among these were about 70 English fans, who came from the GP in Horsens. A bit disappointing for them, but a huge thanks for the support, from us!

We are currently working on finding a new date and track! So please, keep a lookout on the website guys! :-)

Fritte Cup 500 cc SEMI 2 29th of MAY 2016

May 30th, 2016

Sunday 29-5-2016 we run Fritte Cup in Slangerup under perfect conditions. We had a lot of great heats. The riders rode fair and gave us very good race.

A big thanks to Slangerup Speedway Club and all the volunteers for a super day.

See the result here

Fritte Cup 500 cc OPEN 18th of MAY 2016

May 19th, 2016

On a nice warm evening in Herning we have today run the first Fritte Cup Open, despite a couple of late withdrawal’s, the meeting was brilliant with many close races on a very nice and fast track, the final was won by Christian Thaysen, Dennis L Pedersen, Dominik Möser, Jonas Seifert :-)

Thanks to Herning Speedway Klub  and all its volunteers :-)

See the result here

Fritte Cup 85 cc Group C+D 17th of MAY 2016

May 18th, 2016

Another meeting got done in Vissenbjerg. This time it was Group C-D. The track was in top condition, and we saw some great heats and lots off close racing. But all in all a great night in lovely sunshine and a good atmosphere.
And a super final heat that was won by Sebastian Thomsen, Number two was Malthe Fonnesbech, third place to Jesper Knudsen, and fourth place was Noah Nielsen.
A BIG thanks to Vissenbjerg and all their volunteers helper. 

See the result here

Fritte Cup UPDATE

May 17th, 2016

Semi 2 May 15th, 2016 was canceled because of bad weather. There will soon be a new date.

**** NOTE **** We have been forced to move Fritte Cup Open because of no environmental license! Instead of Munkebo the meeting will be in Herning with the same with the corresponding times. See the program via the link below.

See the program for Fritte Cup OPEN(18th of MAY) in Herning here (danish)

Fritte Cup Group C 85 cc in Vissenbjerg

May 3th, 2016

Today we got the Fritte Cup season started in Vissenbjerg groups C. It was an extremely cozy evening with many exciting heats in great weather and with a cheerful crowd. Very exciting finalheat which was won by Magnus Kiel Jensen, 2nd: Melf Ketelsen, 3rd: Mikkel B. Olesen, 4th: Mikkel Roth.

We thank Vissenbjerg and all volunteers.

Next Fritte Cup meeting will be held at Glumsoe semifinal 1 on the 10th of May.

See the result here (danish)


January 28th, 2016

The calender 2016 is ready
The dates for this year's Fritte Cup meetings are ready - see the calendar here(danish) The spring has begun and and is working on getting everything ready for each meeting, so please send your entry form as quick as possible to Find the entry form by clicking on the different dates on our website here to 500 cc and here to 85 cc.

The program for Semi 1 in Glumsø is now ready - click on this link below to see the program.

We look forward to a very exciting season and this year again great prizes from our great partner/sponsors. Take a look here.

See the program here (danish)

Merry christmas and happy new year

December 21th, 2015

Team Fritte Cup would like to say thank you for a great season. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We look forward to the season 2016 which will be even more exciting.

Team match 85 cc and Final 2 500 cc September 13, 2015

September 13th, 2015

Final 2 and the team match in the Fritte Cup 2015 on Granly Speedway Arena Sunday, September 13 was a resounding success.
Starting on the 85cc track with a 3-team tournament, which was run on a slightly wet track .which the boys handled really well under difficult conditions.. We had a visit from Hans Nielsen who had taken the long way from Strandby to be the team manager - thank you Hans - it meant a lot to us all. Jan and John Frimodt Pedersen represented the last team , and they won the match in front of Hans and Erik ... Erik had obviously hoped to win for the fourth year running , but it was not to be with such strong teams and team managers ;)
Big thank you to everyone who participated.

See the result from the team match here

Final 2 500cc started at. 14.00. The track had taken a lot of water but the hard working track staff did a fantastic job. The track was fantastic considering all the rain we had earlier on. , and it was safe for the boys to race on. It was a long meeting, but everybody was in good spirits and took it with a smile, both riders and spectators  :-) However, we had a single crash, but fortunately nothing serious though it looked nasty. The riders delivered so many great heats with close and fair racing. It was a joy to watch. Now we were ready for the big Final. Patrick Josefsen won closely followed by Jonas Jeppesen and Martin Steen Hansen; Jason Jorgensen also fought well and finished fourth.

We ended with the traditional awards ceremony where everyone from number 16 to 1 got a price. We have the most amazing sponsors who support Fritte Cup - without them, this could not be done, so a huge thank you to them. It is the fifth time that we run it this way, and this year we have had the greatest support ever! We say thank you again to all clubs that have helped to run  a total of 10 meetings  in 85cc / 500cc, and to all the volunteers who turn up  time after time to help and participate, it's just amazing, THANK YOU!
The day ended as we always do. 265 in the warm and cosy lounge, enjoying a Pig Roast dinner with all the trimmings. A great day …, thanks to you all :-)

The prizes:

1. GM motor (tunet af Luigi) + EN LAMPE + blomster
2. Kobling fra BAR Engineering + service Luigi + EN LAMPE + blomster
3. Dragt fra MALINIAK + MILWAKEE VINKELSLIBER + service Luigi + DAVID SUPER LIGHT lampe + blomster
4. Stelsæt fra STUHA + Daytona + Castrol olie  + blomster
5. Karburator fra MBR + Rensevæske fra COBRA TOOLS
6. Kobling fra NEB + Kæde + kasse kugle lejer
7. FOXY RACE PRODUCTS + Swarfega 4 ½ kilo BATO Stjernegraffel nøgler
8. KLS Produkter + Castrol olie  BATO LYGTE
9. Gavekort HJEM IS + Rensevæske fra COBRA TOOLS
10. Gavekort RUJ  + Swarfega 4 ½ kilo WERA SKRUETRÆKKER SÆT
11. Gavekort FRJ MOTORSERVICE + BATO lygte
12. AEG AKKU 14,4 v + MAKITA VINKEL SLIBER + BATO skruetrækker
13. KENT højtryksrenser + Rensevæske fra COBRA TOOLS + BATO skruetrækker
14. KENT højtryksrenser + Rensevæske fra COBRA TOOLS
15. 3 forkæder + 1 bagkæde Castrol olie + Swarfega 4 ½ kilo + spray flaske
16. 3 forkæder + 1 bagkæde Castrol olie  + Swarfega 4 ½ kilo

For "the star of the year"  there was a trophy and Falcon dæmper.

A big thank you to Leif our photographer. Remember you can see photos from the day at his facebookpage here: LPL foto

See the resultat from Final 2 here

The names of the team leaders 3-team-match September 9th, 2015

September 2th, 2015

Finally, we can reveal who will be team leaders to 85 cc 3-team match September 13th, 2015. Like in the past years, one of the three team leaders will be ERIK GUNDERSEN. He will, as always try to win the meeting. In addition, we present HANS NIELSEN as team leader and last team leaders the Fritte Cup boys, JAN & JOHN FRIMODT which are the main sponsors of Fritte Cup.

Fritte Cup 3-team-match September 13th, 2015

August 24th, 2015

We are ready with the names of the boys to drive 85 cc three-team match.
Team composition is made on the day in the paddock after the meeting time 8:45 a.m.
There will be three team leaders who each chose 7 boys. Number 7/the reserve should at least drive four heat.
The names of team leaders will be published later. The race starts at 10:00 a.m.
After the race there will be a prize-giving ceremony on the big track.
Remember 14:00 p.m. Fritte Cup Finale 2 500 cc.

Fritte Cup Final 1 in Holsted August 9th, 2015

August 9th, 2015

So the 1st Big Day of the two round Fritte Cup Finals got under the way at Moldow speedway arena in Holsted. And what a great start it was. The weather was beautiful sunshine and the racing was just top class. You could see the riders was up for it, and knowing that a good performance in the 1st round would give them a big chance off overall victory. Unfortunately Jason Jørgensen was involed in an unpleasantness looking crash - we all wish him all the best and hope to see him back on a bike very soon.


A big thanks to Holsted Speedway club, the Official, riders and Fritte Cups sponsors.

The prizes were sponsored by Luigi Racing, Castrol, NGK and Classic Race.

Keep an eye on LPL-foto at facebook, there will soon be pictures.

See the result for Final 1 here

Team Fritte Cup International in England

July 22th, 2015

We have just come back from England were we have had the 1st Fritte Cup International. The boys who attended with there teams were Jakob Bukhave, Jason Jørgensen, Peter Karger, Mark Frimodt, Patrick Bjerregaard, Simon Selch and Emil Engstrøm.

We had 4 meetings booked in but because of the weather we only had 2 meetings.


We were meant to ride Wednesday at Stoke speedway but because of rain the meeting was called off.


Keith Chapman from Kings Lynn Speedway was very helpfully he aloud the team to train on the Wednesday for nearly the whole day, and we was guess Wednesday night to see Kings Lynn ride.


Buster (Keith Chapman) also aloud the team to train all day Thursday that was great help to the boys.


On Friday the 7th July was the 1st meeting not just the boys but for are team manger Jan Frimodt Pedersen. The whole team gave it a 100% it was a good meeting with some great races Team Fritte won 40 -53.


Sunday we were unlucky to have another rain off in Middlenhall all riders was at the track but the rain never stopped.


Monday we was lucky to have fine weather, the meeting in Kent started 18.30 the track is different to the Danish track Kent is very small, all the riders ride there hearts out, Team Fritte had another win 36-54.


After a lot of hard work the first Fritte Cup International was a big succes 2 away wins.


We would like to say a big thank you to everybody who has made this happen:

  • Kings Lynn Speedway
  • Keith Chapman
  • Mildenhall Speedway
  • Kevin Jolly
  • Kent Speedway
  • Laurence Rogers
  • Team Fritte Cup
  • And all are sponsors


We look forward to more meetings in 2017


Best regards/

Fritte Cup International

The 4 reserves to the Final 1

June 22th, 2015

We are ready with the last 4 wildcards to the big Fritte Cup Final 1:
- Kasper Andersen
- Martin Steen Hansen
- Jesper Scharff
- Mark Frimodt Pedersen

If someone is unable to participate in the finals, the next rider in line is:
- Patrick Josefsen
- Jonas Jeppesen
- Michael Thyme
- Simon Selch
- Mark Bayer



See the program for Final 1 here

Semi 1 and Semi 3 in Holstebro

June 14th, 2015

Semi 1 and Semi 3 in Holstebro was settled. Both super fine race where the boys really did their best. The track was fine, not summer weather but no rain.

Results of semi 1:
1. Kenni Nissen
2. Sam Jensen
3. Patrick Hansen
4. Jason Jorgensen


Se the result for Semi 1 here

Prizes for Semi 1 and Semi 3 were from KLS, SKF, Classic Race and David Super-Light A/S.

Fritte Cup thanks Holstebro Speedway club for super settlement of both races.

Results of semi 3:
1. Jonas Jensen
2. Frederik Jakobsen
3. Emil Engstrom
4. Lasse Frederiksen

See the result for Semi 3 here

Semi 1 in Glumsø June 2th, 2015 is postpone

June 1th, 2015

Due to Tuesdays weather forecast where we expect heavy rain, we have already decided to postpone Fritte Cup in Glumsø.

Semi 1 will be run on the same day as Semi 3 in Holstebro at 14th of june 2015 so there will be two rounds on the same day.

More details later.

Resultat for Group C+D 85 cc in Vissenbjerg

May 19th, 2015

"It never rains in Vissenbjerg :o)" This was also the evening until heat 20 was completed. Then all the rain came along. Because of all the rain, the race was fininsh after heat 20 so that means no finale.

There were prizes for Group C + D Rene Ulvedal, Daytona, English Racing Supply, Classic Race and David Super-Light A / S.

Group C + D went well. We from Fritte Cup thank Vissenbjerg Motor club, the volunteers etc. for a good run!

Result Vissenbjerg Group C+D

Resultat for Semi 2 in Slangerup 500 cc

May 17th, 2015

Semi 2 was settled without rain. It was a good race where the riders struggled to come first. See result below.

Prizes for Semi 2 was from KLS, SKF, Classic Race and David Super-Light A/S.

Fritte Cup thank Slangerup Speedway club for perfect execution of both races.

Result Slangerup Semi 2

Result for Group A+B in Slangerup 85 cc

May 17th, 2015

85 cc Gr. A + B was a close race with lots of excitement. It was dry weather and there was really made an effort to reach the checkered flag. Results below.

Prizes for Gr. A + B was Philips, KLS & David Super-Light A/S.

Fritte Cup thank Slangerup Speedway club for perfect execution of both races.

Result Slangerup Group A+B

SEMI 1 in Glumsø 500 cc

May 13th, 2015

It has been decided that we are not running Semi 1 on Sunday

There will be a new date asap.

SEMI 1 in Glumsø canceled 500 cc

May 12th, 2015

Unfortunately we had to canceled the meeting yesterday in glumsø, as the track was under water. It was a great shame as ever one was there. We are working on running the meeting on Sunday in slangerup. The same day as Fritte cup Semi 2 and 85 cc group A-B. Keep looking on the homepage for updates as the times could be different.

Vissenbjerg Group C 85 cc

May 12th, 2015

Finale we had the weather on our side, so we got the group c  done yesterday on a super track. There was a lot of close and great racing.(see the program downunder).Fritte Cup would like to say a big thank you to the club and its helpers and the sponsors. The prizes for Group C was from our Sponsors: Hjem-IS, Danish Racing Supply, Daytona, Classic Race, David Super-Light A/S.

See you again on Tuesday the 19 start time 18.00 pm group C-D 

Result Vissenbjerg Gr. C

The 3 meetings 4th April is canceled

February 25th, 2015

Fritte Cup have to inform that because of disagreements between Fritte Cup and SK / TA is the 3 meeting in Esbjerg 4th of April has been forced to be canceled.

The problem is that this same Saturday, there is a meeting "Hanestævne" in Brovst. SK and TA do not want to move the meeting and because of the environmental regulations in Esbjerg Fritte Cup can’t be Sunday. In the calendar there is no more possible Saturdays available.

The team behind Fritte Cup think it is UNFAIR that so many drivers can’t participate in more than one meeting this day when many especially want out driving because of the seasons just begun. In all other sports, there are many events/meetings at the same day every weekend - all year round.

Therefore Fritte Cup would be the same way as last year's approach. For 500 cc there will be instead of 4 semi-finals only 3 semi-finals.  Number 1-4 from the first 3 semi-finals goes directly in the final, and there will also be awarded 4 wildcards for the final. For 85 cc means that Best Pair meeting must be deleted and the Group A + B be merged into one meeting. You can see the updated calendar for 500 cc here and 85 cc here

The calendar is now ready!

February 4th, 2015


Now all the dates for this year's Fritte Cup races are finally ready - we look forward to the new season, and is working on getting everything ready for each meeting, so please send your entry form as quick as possible to Find the entry form by clicking on the different dates on our website here to 500 cc and this link to 85 cc.

We look forward to some exciting races with great prizes from our partners / sponsors who again has contributed to Fritte Cup 2015. See them here this year there are new sponsors, so have a look 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Fritte Cup wishes everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We would also thank sponsors, partner, volunteers, friends and family for a good cooperation!

We look forward to an exciting season in 2015!

Fritte Cup 2015

At the moment we are in the process of planning all activities Fritte Cup 2015. This means dates for both 85 cc and 500 cc and prizes for the upcoming races. So keep an eye on the website and facebook page.

SPEEDWAYSTAR 8th of november 2014

Danish newspaper "VEJLE AMTS FOLKEBLAD" 26th of september 2014

Danish newspaper "HEDENSTED AVIS" 1th of oktober 2014

September 27, 2014

Esbjerg open 80 cc

Saturday, September 27 "Esbjerg open" was settled. Unfortunately there were a couple of drivers that may be absent as they lay with fever. The race was settled in nice frames with good support from parents, grandparents, etc. There was a good atmosphere in the paddock and the track was super fine.

Great run by the boys! We thank Esbjerg motor club, the volunteers mm. for a good event.

Download the result heir

September 21, 2014


Sunday, September 21 was the big Fritte cup finale2 held in Holsted where Denmark u23 speedway rider fought for the title and the many prizes. It was an exciting race which was fought to the last. Patrick Bjerregaard who had the most points with him from finale1 came bad from start, but ended up running away with the victory.

Fritte Cup this year consisted of three semi-finals and two finals. All 16 riders took their points from the final 1 which were held in Esbjerg, to the final finale2 in Holsted. In final 2 were run 20 ordinary heat where the 2 runs with the most points, Jesper Scharf and Andreas Lyager went directly to the "super finals." The following 4 runs Patrick Bjerregaard, Sam Jensen, Simon Selch & Emil Engstrom was out in the "last chance" final. Here walked the 2 best running Patrick Bjerregaard and Sam Jensen on to the super final. In final 2 there were prizes for well over 100,000 danish kroners.

Main sponsor R. Frimodt Pedersen
It is 5 years in a row Fritte cup is arranged and this we can all thank R. Frimodt Pedersen, David Super-Light & Kjærgaard for and the 22 other sponsors who support and are mainreason that Fritte cup is possible.

Erik Gundersen - 17 World Cup gold & talent development coach
Erik Gundersen as Talent Development coach in DMU has worked with Fritte Cup since its inception, and is impressed by the development race series has taken: "We try to prepare young talents on their further development in the sport, to the course that the next generation who must win Gold Medals for Denmark and I am also happy and proud of the fantastic support we receive from the sponsors who make that awarded great prizes for the boys that they can use in their sport. I am already looking forward to next year, "said Erik Gundersen.

Remember to se the results and more pictures in the menu "gallery"
or and at Johns homepage

Download the result heir

14 of August 2014

Best Pair 85cc Vojens 14-08- 2014

The Best Pair race was as expected a very close affair, the race was unfortunately hindered by some unfortunate crash which resulted in that more had to withdraw, we wish a speedy recovery to all.

After 28 ran heats and a detour on the second and third place was The winner couple Frederik Jakobsen and Christian Thaysen Fjelsted, with Kasper Andersen and Tim Sørensen Vojens in second place, Esben Hjerrild and Jonas Knudsen Vojens won the third place.

We thank the club in Vojens, and all the volunteers who helped with the conduct of the meet.

Download result heir

22 of June 2014

As expected it was a great experience, to get on Granly Arena today to Fritte Cup Final 1 500 cc.

On a perfectly landscaped path delivered the boys super race in front of a packed audience, many close showdown without any drama to follow, super:-) It will be exciting to experience Final 2 in Holsted on August 31, to be driven on the really BIG prizes !!! A Finale is just TO BE SEEN!

The finals today were won by a strong Jesper Scharff followed to the door of Jonas Jensen who took up 2 square, Patrick Bjerregaard won the third place and Emil Engstrom finished fourth.

Fritte Cup say a big thank you to Esbjerg Motor Sports, for the hard work that was put into it was a great experience for all who participated, we will gladly come again:-)

Download result heir

June 12, 2014

Fritte cup 80 cc Gr. C+D

Fritte cup 80 cc group C+D the 12th of june 2014 was raced in Vojens. Again - it was a nice day with sunshine. Super nice of the boys who completed the race without any crash!

Results were as follows:

1. Rasmus C. Højmark
2. Casper Nielsen
3. Henrik Lorentsen
4. Christopher Jacobsen

We thank the volunteers, officials, tow men etc. From Club in Vojens!

Click below to see heat table / the overall result

See result heir

May 31, 2014

Wild cards til finalerne

Then the 4 Wild Cards to Fritte Cup 500cc 2014 - Finale 1 & 2 has been awarded:

Jacob Bukhave - Emil Engstrom - Patrick Hansen - Martin Steen Hansen - Stand by reserve in case of cancellation, Mark Frimodt Pedersen.

The program for the finals will be published on the site soon.

May 29, 2014

Fritte cup 500 cc SEMI 3

Semi 3 500 cc was settled at Vojens Speedway Center, it was as expected an incredibly close battle in the fight for the last 4 seats for the Final.  The course offered unfortunately not quite up to "dance" as it was not enough water down and prepared for today's important event, which made it a major challenge to run clean mm. Fortunately, they caused many stops and crashes only material damage and minor scratches...... but satisfying was it in any way.

After the 20 heats, the final were won by a great running Lasse Pørtner tightly pressed by Andreas Lyager, Sam Jensen finished in a fine third place and Uffe Hansen finished last. See the program for all other locations in the day.

We now look forward to the grand Finale. 

See the result for SEMI3 heir


Fritte cup 500 cc SEMI 2

SEMI 2 was Thursday night settled over 1 hour and 15 minutes in hot weather in Holsted. It was a race with few crash and was fought to be first across the finish line.

The result was as follows:

1. Patrick Bjerregaard
2. Simon Selch
3. Patrick Josefsen
4. Jonas Jensen

Fritte Cup thanks to a successful evening. Thanks to the Club in Holsted, all the volunteers, our sponsors, etc.

Remember Fritte cup supports the fair play!

Thursday Ascension applies the SEMI 3 in Vojens. First start is at 13:-)

See result for SEMI2 heir

20 of May 2014

Fritte cup 80 cc Gr. C

In the beautiful weather and a perfect trajectory, we got settled Fritte 80cc Cup group C, it was a really exciting affair, shown top race, with many super nice overtaking and exhibited great Fair Play both on and off the field: -) in the final, secured Marcus Birkemose for 1 square with Louise Paulsen on a nice 2 room, and Jacob K Højmark 3 square Mikkel Larsen finished 4 square.

Fritte Cup thanks to everyone for a great night club in Vojens, all the volunteers, our sponsors, etc.

See result heir

April 27, 2014

Fritte cup 80 cc Gr. A


Then we got shot Fritte Cup 2014 started. On a sunny morning in Vojens, where a super field had to fight for the great prizes, all witnessed an event which was not given by the doors after the 20 heats it was clear that Kasper Andersen - Frederik Jakobsen - Jason Jorgensen - Jonas Jeppesen, having to run the final heat, it was local Kasper Andersen who drew the longest straw and was a great win:-) with Frederik, Jason and Jonas in the following places.

Clic heir to see the result Gr. A heir

April 27, 2014

Fritte Cup 80 cc Gr. B


After the award ceremony in Group A, we came a little late in the process of group B, which in turn was occupied by the field with equal drivers who did not group A much after in terms of dense fine drove heat and drama, unfortunately with some crash to follow but we found after 20 heats until the final, which consisted of Emil Brum - Marius Nielsen - Philip Dalsgaard - Benjamin Basso, it was Holsteds Emil Breum who won the fianel after a nice drive to the victory, with Marius, Philip and Benjamin in the following places.


Fritte Cup wishes speedy recovery to Kenneth and Esben got some nasty bruises after a few unfortunate crashes come again boys:-)

Thanks to all the volunteers from the club in Vojens, without them it could not be done, and thank you to all our Sponsors for great prizes:-)

Click heir to see the result Gr. A

January 27, 2014



Then race calendar 2014 now ready. This year running 500 cc three semi-finals and two finals. Click on the race calendar and read more about how it works.



Click heir to see the calendar for 2014


28 of September 2013


As tradition 3 Holds match at Fritte Cup Final was held starting at 13:00. the three team leaders Brian Andersen - Brian Karger and Erik Gundersen selected alternately cows for their respective teams, and was expected to Erik should not be allowed to snatch victory again this year. The three very evenly matched teams were set after some fun between team leaders.

In the beautiful sunny weather the match could start, and it was as previous years an eerie close affair, holding it in turns to lead all the way through and that was shown many tough heats, which was not given by the doors, the mood was high in the paddock where was put tactics and so on. The resounded made little difference, Team Erik Gundersen made hattrick and won it on 61 points with Team Brian Karger on 50 points and third place went to Team Brian Andersen of 49 points. After the match, all 25 riders and team leaders lined up on a wide range and led by Erik in front rode on their machines Prize ceremony in the equestrian farm on the 500cc field which amazing sight when they entered and was received by the 300 guests. Ib Søby which was the stadium announcer throughout the day made a nice and fun awards ceremony for all 25 riders and team leaders.

After the match there were served Roast Suckling Pig with accessories for all, what a sight - great covered up with benches and tables, etc. All enjoyed themselves. The Grand Final off the year Fritte Cup 500cc startet at 18.00 o'clock.

28 of September 2013


The Fritte Cup Final of the year was attended by approximately 500 spectators settled in the beautiful late summer weather, the track was perfect and the competition seemed to be a great experience for all. The entire 23 sponsors supported this year Fritte Cup with fantastic prizes Finale participants to compete for.

After a nice presentation of all the participants in the paddock and running meetings and so on. The finals could start. It was as foreseen a tight affair, exciting and sometimes really tough heats was settled after 21 heats were finalists ready and what a final !! The winner was Anders Tomsen with Jonas Brøndum Andersen in second place and last year's winner Kenni Nissen number three, John Kikkenborg ended the final heat in fourth place. The prize giving ceremony was conducted in the paddock in a great atmosphere where about 300 spectators looked on, there were prizes for all and the evening ended with the crowning of the star off the year in both 80cc and 500cc. Deserved honor it went to Jason Jorgensen and Anders Thomsen.

Fritte Cup thanks all who participated in this year's many rallies, a big thank you to all the volunteers officials who have spent many hours helping to run the races, without you it could not be done - a huge THANK YOU to our faithful Sponsors which year after year supports Fritte Cup. Without them there were no race and there is no other places in the world where this occur. We will do everything possible to expand the concept to make it even bigger and looking forward to a new season 2014.

Thanks to all

28 of September 2013


Between 3 Holds match at Fritte Cup Final at 80cc there were run four heats individually. After  some great driving race Mikkel Roth winner, Jesper Knudsen in second and Andreas Smedegaard was third, Louise Paulsen finished fourth after a few mishaps, but super run of all.

The name of the drivers to the 3 hold match 80 cc th28 of september 2013 is now ready:


The team would be at the day in the paddock at 12.00 o'clock

Their woul be 3 team leaders which would choose 7 drivers and the match would start at 13.00 o'clock

After the match there would be a prize ceremoni i the big paddock.


Remeber to see the Fritte Cup Final in 500 cc at 18.00 o'clock


The drivers name:

Frederik Jakobsen
Sebastian Mortensen
Max Bo Hjort
Sam Jensen
Søren Simonsen
Tim Sørensen
Esben Hjerrild
Nick Agertoft
Kasper Andersen
Andreas Christensen
Matias Nielsen
Marcus Birkemose
Kenneth Bundgaard Jürgensen
Jonas Knudsen
Jason Jørgensen
Mads Hansen
Jonas Jeppesen
Martin Steen Hansen
Oliver Klockmann
Fillip Hjelmland
Alexander Woentin


We are now ready for the finale 28 of september 2013 with the driver who had qulified.

There is 12 drivers after the 2 semifinals.


In addition there are 4 Wildcards.

The 12 drivers are:

  • Johannes Kikkenborg  27 Point
  • Brady Lee Kurtz 24 Point
  • Patrick Bjerregård 19 Point
  • Jacob Bukhave 19 Point
  • Jesper Scharff 18 Point
  • Kenneth Dyrvig 18 Point
  • Patrick Josefsen 14 Point
  • Jonas Jensen 13 Point
  • Patrick Lykke Nelsen 12 Point
  • Kenni Nissen 12 Point
  • Michael Vissing 11 point
  • Jonas Brøndum Andersen 9 Point


The 4  Wildcards to the final are:

  • Anders Thomsen
  • Peter Karger
  • Emil Engstrøm
  • Simon Selch


Before the big final in Fritte Cup 500 cc, there are 80 cc Fritte Cup 3 hold match which will start at 11.00 o'clock. Før den store finale I Fritte cup 500 cc. er der 80 cc Fritte cup tre holds match som starter kl. 11.00 - Come and cheer on the boys!

The Fritte Cup final 500 cc starts at 18.00 o'clock


19 of August 2013


We got tonight settled Fritte Cup 80cc Group A, in the perfect setting. Weather consisted of sunshine - a great course and top of the pops in Denmark, and what a run it was. Amazing heats and the two finals were all up, it was so nice that was passed to the steel but fair driving.



20 of June 2013



Then Best pair settled today at Vojens Speedway Center.

The track was good and the race went well.

See the results below:-)

9 of June 2013

Fritte Cup 80cc group BC were settled on 09 of juni 2013 at Vojens Speedway Center

Result in the finals were:

1. Jonas Seifert
2. Kasper Cold Gaard
3. Lasse Fredriksen
4. Mike Boye

There was driven many great heats and fine past runs on a track that was a little challenging, but pave the people made a huge work, so everyone was happy.

Again a great tournament with a super atmosphere all around :)

Fritte Cup say thanks to Vojens Speedway Club

9 of June 2013

Fritte Cup Semi 1 500 cc was held at Vojens Speedway Center Sunday 09 of june 2013.

As expected it was a tough semi-final with many exciting and close race that was fought for every point.

After the first 20 heats we were ready for the final which was won by a flying Kenni Nissen front Brady Lee Kurtz, John Kikkenborg came third and Marc Randrup finished fourth.

Now it so next semi final in Silkeborg 20. of August at 18.00 o'clock.

Fritte Cup thanks to Vojens Speedway Club for a great settlement, with approximately 300 spectators.

28 of May 2013

Fritte Cup Qual2 500 cc was settled in Holsted Tuesday night. We were lucky with the weather as the rain only entered when the final heat was initiated.

Jonas Brøndum Andersen made maximum points during the race.

The results from the final heat:

1. Brady Kurtz

2. Jonas Brøndum Andersen

3. Mikkel Andersen Brondum

4. Marc Randrup

We say thanks to Holdsted Speedwayklub for holding Fritte Cup

23 of MAY 2013

Fritte Cup group C + D has been held in glorious sunshine at Vojens Speedway Center

Winner in the finals:

1 Marcus Birkemose
2 Nicolai Hansen
3 Philip Dalsgaard
4 Mikkel Larsen

There was driven many great heats and shown good momentum of all. Especially Fair Play both on the track and in the paddock.

Fritte Cup thanks to the club and all the volunteers, the track was super

12 OF MAY 2013

So were run Fritte Cup group C 80 cc

It was a super nice race where the race ended following:

Nr. 1 Nick Agertoft
No. 2 Emil Mastrup
No. 3 Jonas Knudsen
No. 4 Sune Juister


12 OF MAY 2013

Fritte Cup group B, 80 cc was settled with lots of good race and good heat on a super fine track

The race ended as follows:

No. 1 Christian Thaysen
No. 2 Andreas Jensen
No. 3 Matias Nielsen
No. 4 Esben Hjerrild

28 of April 2013

Fritte cup in Glumsø was held in brilliant sunshine by about 500 spectators to an open house at the club.

The crowd saw an exciting and very close match. The final was won by a flying Kenni Nissen before John Kikkenborg with Emil Meyer on third place.

Kennet Dyrvig was highest points scorer in the preliminary heats of 13 points (see program). Fritte Cup says THANK YOU to Glumsø for a super day, well done by all.

Next quarter Finale in 500 cc is in Holsted Tuesday 28-5-2013 well met at. 18.00 is the first start. We look forward to seeing you all;-)

12 OF APRIL 2013

First race for Fritte Cup 80cc GROUP A in Vojens. It was a super evening and well attended by the public and good support.

It was the top of the 80 cc which challenged each other and we have to say that Jason Jørgensen lived up to his DM title as no. 1 but a great 2nd place to Tim Smith and super nice 3rd place for Martin Steen Hansen in close encounters with Kasper Andersen who was No. 4 in the super finals.

Fritte cup say a big thank you to the SSC for a nice event:-)

8 of January 2013

Dear All

Now we start the fourth Fritte Cup season, and comes this year with a new initiative ..our own website which we hope and believe will be a great help for all the involved ... you can among other register directly to Fritte Cup competitions which we want to do :-)

The site will be updated with text and images from the match and so on.

We would like if you support our Sponsors ... without them no Fritte Cup ... So take a look at their websites too :-)

Fritte Cup is a part of the Talent Development during DMU, and again there done a great job for getting the optimal training in all match ... and with the developments we have seen over the years when it was David Super Light / Henrik who arranged the competitions with me, yes it speaks to the strong performance in the Danish Speedway.

With Speedy Greetings

Erik Gundersen

september 29 2012

Fritte cup finale and Marks goodbye to 80 cc match

Fritte Cup 2012 ended with the finale 500cc September 29 in Vojens which had to be fought on the big prizes.

The final day began with Mark Frimodts "goodbye match" in 80cc, a three team match where team leaders were Brian Karger, Brian Andersen and Erik Gundersen there were participants from Sweden also a super end to a great career for Mark who won the match after voltage equal to last heat. Then we drove united front of the paddock on the big track for an award ceremony and it was a great experience for all, Ib Søby was speaker for the event and had created a great atmosphere among the approximately 300 guests in attendance who helped shelf boys and especially Mark ... a nice sentence ... :-)

The invited guests went on board the pig roast with accessories before Fritte Cup final was settled.

The final was just as exciting as expected, many close gloomy and fair driving on a track that unfortunately was with
too much rain. But with good service we got identifies the finals, here it was Kenni Nissen who ran with first prize, a new GM engine after a restart due to torrential Anders Thomsen ... We got finished a long but great day for everyone, again big thanks to all who helped this could be do all the volunteers and sponsors who again had supported so amazing with the great prizes, it is what makes it all worth it, all we are to develop our talents in both 80cc and 500cc and thereby create the red thread from the cradle to the world ...We are looking forward to 2013 and what it offers ... see you out there ...

Henrik & Erik