What is Frtitte Cup?

The story of Fritte Cup:

The year 2010 was the start of something big. It was here that Fritte Cup hosted the first race during the season. Fritte cups main sponsor R. Frimodt Pedersen has worked with Erik Gundersen & Henrik Frimodt been the initiators of the project which has gathered momentum and from each year evolved apace as part of talent development in Danish speedway both in 85 cc and 500 cc.

Year 2011 and year 2012 The race series is gradually in the following seasons become so popular that there are settled more and more races. Fritte Cup has always been practice run which has the main objective to develop riders both on and off the field where fair play also plays a huge role! We have made use of external helpers including John Jorgensen, Brian Karger, Brian Andersen, Finn Rune Jensen who all acted as technical / mechanical consultants, which many of the drivers have had great benefit. If we look today at the Danish talent in the 500 cc at international level, we can at Danish speedway behalf be proud of no other nation has such a large width as Denmark.

Year 2013 Fritte Cup got its own website and webmaster who is a great help when it comes to publishing news, and the riders can sign up for the various races and keep updated in the form of various changes, programs, achievements, etc

Year 2014 Fritte Cup got its own Facebook page which today is a big hit. The social media is now a tool used by many and take parents, running, friends, etc. can "like" / comment and thereby be active.

Example of viral news on Facebook:
Finale 2 31-th of August 2014 unfortunately had exposed due. Rain and the "annoying" news would spread. As one of the first things it was posted on Facebook and within the team behind Fritte Cup could even announce it by calling to participating mm. it appeared that most were already in possession of "news" due to the viral social media.

Fritte Cups sponsors:

Without Fritte Cups sponsors the entire talent development project is not possible! Our sponsors are an important part of that we can give the riders so great prizes to all the many races. We are very grateful for the amazing support we receive year after year, and gratifying it is that there will be new to.

For each year increased premiums and in 2014 overall, we reached prizes to the final 2 for over 100,000 danish kroner. WOAW! Fritte Cups many sponsors who provide great great prizes is to give the boys an extra hand in the form of super professional equipment which they have benefited greatly from. We do everything we can to promote our sponsors by visibility them on the runways by suspending various banners, roll-ups mm. As well as putting their logo on invitations, Fritte Cup website and our Facebook page.

Challenge cup

Fritte Cup has at the end of the season in 2014 decided in cooperation with the main sponsor R. Frimodt Pedersen to insert a trophy/challenge cup that will be awarded to the winner of final 2.

The winner of the challenge cup/trophy will get his name engraved on the trophy.  

Previous winners: 

2010 = Mikkel B. Jensen

2011 = Mikkel Michelsen

2012 = Kenni Nissen

2013 = Anders Thomsen

2014 = Patrick Bjerregaard

2015 = Patrick Josefsen